Yup. Pizza. You read that correctly the first time. About 4 grams net per half pizza.

Dietz & Watson, Pepperoni



  1. Oven 350F
  2. CarbQuick – In mixer bowl. Use dough hook. turn on low speed.
  3. Hot Water – Slowly add.
  4. Mix 3 minutes (alternate: mix by hand then knead for 3-5 minutes until no longer sticky)
  5. Non-stick Sprayspray pizza stone
  6. Spread dough thinly on pizza stone
  7. Pizza SauceSpread it on
  8. MozzarellaSlice it thin, put it on
  9. Toppings – Put them on
  10. Italian SeasoningSprinkle it on
  11. Olive OilBrush it onto crust
  12. Bake – 12-14 minutes (until outer crust is brown)

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